My name is Virginie and I'm passionate about nutrition ! Several years ago, I decided to materialize this passion by making a complete turn in my professional activity and becoming a nutritionist.

I completed my training at the Ecole de Nutrition Holistique de Genève which offers beyond learning all the nutrition-related basics, a holistic nutritional care program. This global vision allows me to go beyond proposing dietary changes: together we factor in the body-soul-mind aspects of your relationship with food so that it is as harmonious and satisfactory as possible for you.


My method can be summed up in just a few words:


Help you find an autonomous, healthy and harmonious relationship with food. A single principle: kindness.

With me, you are not going to count your calories and you will not go on a "diet". However, throughout our consultations, I will provide you with the natural tools to restore and maintain your well-being and vitality through food. Whether you are omnivorious, vegetarian or vegan, we will work together to determine the appropriate diet for you.

My toolbox contains of course food, as well as phytotherapy, gemmotherapy and aromatherapy in order to steer your nutritional monitoring in the most efficient and natural way possible. 

My consultations are intended for both adults and children. As a matter of fact, some behaviors, such as hyperactivity in children, may ahve their origin in inappropriate nutrition. Changing it will allow for important improvements in the child's behavior.



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